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Insect Control and Pest Management

Insect Control in Leeds – Ibbotson’s Pest Management

Control Insects, Flies, Wasps, Ants and Cockroaches More Effectively with Ibbotson’s Pest Management

Pest Management Solutions:

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  • Take action to solve your pest problem. 
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Control Insects More Effectively

Having your home or business premises infested with insects can cause you a lot of problems. That’s where Ibbotson’s Pest Management comes in. Based in Leeds our family run business can deal with any type of insect problem that you have. We provide expert solutions for all types of insect pest problems from flies and wasps to cockroaches and ants. The Ibbotson’s Pest Management team is BPCA qualified and has nearly 20 years’ experience in the pest control industry. We will provide you with a discreet and affordable service that resolves any insect problem you or your business has quickly.

Insects can pose a health risk to humans, pets, and livestock and have serious implications for your business if the issue is not resolved quickly. Flies can infest your house or building while spreading diseases like salmonella and E. coli and even biting humans and animals. Cockroaches can also carry nasty diseases like gastro-enteritis while a wasp sting can be very serious if you’re allergic to the venom. Ants can also very quickly become a major nuisance in your home or business.

Why take a chance with your health or business when you can pest proof your environment today by contacting Ibbotson’s Pest Management in Leeds.

Control Your Insect Infestation Quickly

Finding flies crawling over food or cockroaches running around your kitchen is not a pleasant experience. But with Ibbotson’s Pest Management on your side any insect infestation can be quickly and effectively dealt with. Controlling any insect problem requires expert assistance. Make sure insect problems don’t disrupt your home or business by calling in the professional insect control experts in Leeds. Cockroaches, for example, breed quickly and are very tough to eliminate while wasp nests can be difficult to manage depending on their location.

Ibbotson’s Pest Management in Leeds provides insect control treatments that work straight away and longer-term so your home and business will be protected to the highest levels. Our fully trained and certified technicians are used to dealing with all kinds of insect problems and have many years of experience resolving pest problems in the food manufacturing, food retail, and catering sectors, as well as in the health and care environment. If you have a problem with insects at your home or place of business, you need to call Ibbotson’s Pest Management today.

Ibbotson’s Pest Management Deals with All Insects

Don’t delay when you have an insect problem at home or at work, the quicker you call in the experts the quicker you can relax. Ibbotson’s Pest Management team in Leeds is BPCA qualified and has nearly 20 years’ experience dealing with all types of insect infestations.

Our wide range of effective pest control treatments work for all insects including:

  • Wasps
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Clothes Moths
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Stored Product Insects
  • Textile Pests

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Get Rid of Your Fly Problem Fast

Flies are a real pest and not just their constant buzzing. As flies carry germs and disease, they are a significant health hazard particularly if your business is food production. Flies can also hit your bottom line with damage to your customer reputation and you can risk potential fines or even closure. The first step to dealing with an infestation of flies is to call Ibbotson’s Pest Management team in Leeds.

Our certified insect control experts will assess the situation and provide efficient and fast solutions that fit your individual business or home. Whether you’re suffering from an outbreak of house flies, bluebottles, fruit flies or even horse flies, we will be quickly on site to take the most effective measures to control this insect infestation. 

Eliminate these uninvited guests from your house or workplace by contacting Ibbotson’s Pest Management now.

Protect You and Your Business from Wasps

Wasps can be very aggressive depending on where their nests or hives are located. Wherever these flying insects are though Ibbotson’s Pest Management will deal efficiently with them. A wasp sting may not cause no long-term injury to many for those people who are allergic to their venom, their sting can be fatal. Wasps can build their nests outdoors under sheltered eaves but wasp nests can also be found in attics and lofts as well as internal garages. A professional treatment of a wasp nest is the most efficient way to control this insect problem.

Our insect control solutions will remove these pests from your home or business premises. Whatever level of insect infestation you have, our BPCA certified technicians can offer effective, targeted wasp treatments tailored to your own requirements. We’ll provide a fast and affordable insect control service that will keep these flying pests out for good. Calling Ibbotson’s Pest Management in Leeds today is the first and most important step to resolving your wasp infestation.

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Ibbotson’s Pest Management Will Crack Down on Cockroaches

If you see a cockroach in your home or building, it should be a cause for concern. Cockroaches are carriers of diseases like salmonella, dysentery and gastro-enteritis and are major health hazards for all types of businesses and food companies in particular. Cockroaches breed quickly and have very tough exteriors making them extremely difficult to get rid of so you need to act fast when faced with this insect infestation. That’s where Ibbotson’s Pest Management in Leeds can help you or your business.

Our quick, expert, and discrete response to cockroach problems will eliminate this insect issue with efficient solutions that are powerful enough to get rid of these pests once and for all. Our British Pest Control Association (BPCA) certified team has almost 20 years of experience dealing with the main types of cockroaches found in the UK, the Oriental and German cockroach. Whatever type of insect infestation you’re suffering from, your first call should always be Ibbotson’s Pest Management.

Solve Your Ant Problem Fast

Ants can be a real nuisance when they get into your home or business premises in search of food. And where one ant goes, many will soon follow. Once they’re in, ants are very difficult to get rid of, you need to act and let the professionals take care of your ant problem.


Ibbotson’s Pest Management provide the most effective ant control and removal solutions in Leeds. Whether you’re dealing with the common garden or black ant or facing an invasion of Roger’s, Ghost or Pharaoh’s ants, you want our experts evicting these pests. Ibbotson’s Pest Management offers not only the rapid elimination of ants and ant nests but we’ll also advise you on how to proof your business premises or home from any future ant infestations. If you need ants controlled effectively and affordably, you want Ibbotson’s Pest Management in Leeds.

Stamp Out Pest Problems with Ibbotson’s Pest Management

No matter the type of pest infestation you or your business is dealing with, Ibbotson’s Pest Management will allow you to control the situation fast. Our BPCA certified technicians provide expert pest control services that deliver immediate and long-term solutions for pests from brown rats and mice to feral birds and flying insects. We help you resolve your pest management issue quickly, discretely, and effectively at a cost that you can always afford. Get in touch with Ibbotson’s Pest Management now for an affordable quote to deal with your pest infestation today.

Our Pest Management Services

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Insect Control

Insects can pose a health risk to humans, pets, and livestock and have serious implications for your business if the issue is not resolved quickly. Let us help solve your bug problem.

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